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Still stalling on doing the Lunar lookup - although seems easy enough to find out where our Moon was in 1989. But we can review where we are stuck in the game. In the olden days, I would usually be stuck in 3 places at once in the game - but looks like we are stuck in 4 places here at the end. The first stuck place is the pattern the Jukebox spares makes. I now think there are 3 puzzles here - the Fibonacci section, the geometric section and the birthday section. Still allowing my subconscious to mull that one over. The second stuck place is the scribble puzzle at the last selection into the Infinity Jukebox. I missed an opportunity a while back. My brother's wife's sister went on a vacation trip to Nepal, and met one of the sons of the travel company family - and ended up marrying him! I had met them a couple of times, but never got around to asking 'Sherpa-dude' what he thought of the message. And now they are no longer married. Another lost opportunity ... One small

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